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Where does the time go?

TOJ is a web-based system for time reporting that quickly and easily gives you the answers to where the hours have gone. Good awareness of worked hours and costs are one of the basic conditions for efficient projects.

The benefits of using TOJ are that in principle all administration related to time reporting is eliminated, project follow-up is simplified and the risk of errors is minimised. Moreover, TOJ can handle expenses, flexitime and overtime. All employees can report directly in TOJ via the Internet or use our app that is available for both Android and iPhone devices. We also have extensive experience in connecting TOJ with other systems, such as SPCS, Accepta, Navision, Jeeves, Hogia and Movex.

What is included in TOJ time reporting

confirmTime reporting confirmPowerful access control
confirmProject accounting confirmSalary , absence and billing
confirmExpense handeling confirmLinks to other systems
  • confirmTime reporting
  • confirmProject accounting
  • confirmExpense handeling
  • confirmPowerful access control
  • confirmSalary , absence and billing
  • confirmLinks to other systems

Time reporting

Sign up working time

Your employees can easily report their work in the TOJ. Arrive and went times are flexible, which means that they can be expanded, for example, shift work or completely be turned off for those who only need to project accounting.


You decide which employees should have the opportunity to flex. When you start using TOJ you easily set up detailed flex balance per person and then you have full control and traceability of every change.

Overtime and compesation time

You decide what overtime types that should be available and which employees will be able to report on them.

Project accounting

To account for time spent on projects

With TOJ all your employees can easily report time spent on various projects, assignments, businesses and administrations. TOJ is built to handle everything from simple tasks to advanced projects with multiple levels and complex structures.


Each user can simply write a comment or diary of their reported hours. To write comment or diary is basically optional but may be required by each projectmanager.

Project cost and price model

TOJ handles everything from simple hourly rates to sophisticated pricing models.

Expense handeling

In TOJ you handle everything from simple receipts, number of nights, kilometers, miles, travel expenses, equipment rental and much more.

Manage on the move

With the app, you can easily put the receipts into the system no matter where you are

Powerful access control

Project permissions

In TOJ it is easy to control which activities, projects, assignments and activities an employees should have access to. One of the benefits of access control is to reduce the amount of projects and minimize the risk of misreporting.

Acceptor time

The employee accepts himself his time in TOJ. For those of you who need to review employees' approved hours before they are sent for salary and billing has an approval function.

Rights in TOJ

You can access different parts of TOJ depending on what rights you have in the system.

Salary, absence and billing purposes

Salary and Billing

To get a quick handling of pay and billing, hours in TOJ can be approved on a weekly basis or calendar month

Absence management

With TOJ it easy to follow up absences such as vacations and illness. You define them yourself the types of absences and variations you need.

Links to other systems

To eliminate doublet work, we have ensured that TOJ can be connected to most financial and payroll systems. The transfer of data can take place, for example, by file, ODBC or advanced data exchange over VPN.