Project management, time reporting and resource planning

Comprehensive project and portfolio management for large companies and municipalities

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Simple, smart and cost-effective

We've been developing TOJ since 2002, always with the goal of producing the most user-friendly tools for time reporting, project follow-up and resource planning. Today TOJ is helping organisations all over the world to save both time and money through more efficient reporting and improved control. Our clients vary from municipalities and small businesses to groups of companies with several thousand employees. How can we help you?


Time reporting

TOJ is a web-based system for time reporting that quickly and easily gives you the answers to where the hours have gone. Good awareness of worked hours and costs are one of the basic conditions for efficient projects.

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Project follow-up

With TOJ you gain awareness of your entire project portfolio as well as individual projects, regardless of size, budget and complexity.

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Resource planning

One of TOJ's most powerful functions is resource planning. Equally important as utilising available resources is ensuring that workloads are evenly distributed.

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To create a solution that is as flexible and well integrated as possible, we've chosen to work with standard reporting tools such as Excel, PowerPivot and QlikView.

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Adapt and expand

Adapt TOJ to your operations. TOJ is built to easily connect with other systems. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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Save time and money

At just SEK 39 a month per user, TOJ is incredibly cost effective. Try TOJ free of charge before you decide. You can get started in just five minutes.


No installation

The entire system is online and you can easily access TOJ from any location via the web interface or our app.

Connections to other systems

With our extensive experience we know how important it is to integrate and interconnect the various systems in your organization. The information in TOJ is an important building block, and this is why we have ensured that TOJ can be connected to the majority of systems.

Please contact us if you have any questions about integration and system connections.

PowerPivot for Excel


A selection of enterprises that have chosen TOJ.

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