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With TOJ you'll save both time and money through simpler time reporting and better control of project follow-up. Your company subscribes to the basic system at a monthly cost, which includes upgrades and support. TOJ is entirely free from initial fees and installation costs.

TOJ is presently used by small businesses, municipalities and major groups of companies with several thousand employees and operations on several continents.


TOJ Time reporting

Is the solution for you who are looking for an easy and effective time and project reporting system.
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Number User/mon
5 - 99 49 SEK
100 - 249 45 SEK
250 - 499 39 SEK
500+ Offer

TOJ Resource planning

Is the solution for you who are looking for an effective resource planning but manages time reporting and project management in other ways.
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Number User/mon
5 - 99 39 SEK
100 - 249 35 SEK
250 - 499 29 SEK
500+ Offer

TOJ Project management

Is a complete project management system that also includes TOJ Time reporting and TOJ Resource planning.
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Number User/mon
5 - 99 69 SEK
100 - 249 65 SEK
250 - 499 59 SEK
500+ Offer

TOJ is built for business intelligence!

With our extensive experience we know how important it is to integrate and interconnect the various systems in your organization. The information in TOJ is an important building block, and this is why we have ensured that TOJ can be connected to the majority of systems.
A direct connection to the TOJ database costs from 3000 SEK per year. Read more.