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TOJ is built for business intelligence!

To create a solution that is as flexible and well integrated as possible, we've chosen to work with standard reporting tools such as Excel, PowerPivot and QlikView.

The advantages of these reporting tools are that they can communicate with the majority of modern systems, and that enterprise-adapted standard reports can be quickly generated.

Which reporting tool is best for you usually depends on a combination of what you already have and which systems you want to retrieve data from. For the small company it's normally enough with the built-in reports in TOJ or a simple connection to Excel. For mid-sized and larger enterprises, we usually put together a more advanced solution that shows hours, costs, progress and budgets. Regardless of whether the parameters come from TOJ or existing systems, we create a comprehensive solution with complete reports.

Below are some examples of common reports. The reports are fully customized to your needs for you to be able to make the best possible decisions.

Project tracking

All the data is in a structured database, and you can choose which parameters you want to view.

The image shows a classic project monitoring graph accumulated costs against budget over time.

Project management

For our customers to get the best control of their projects as possible, we have chosen that TOJ will support EVM (Earned Value Management).

The image shows a classic project monitoring graph with the EVM and the EAC (Estimate At Completion).

Internationally EVM is regarded as a norm for project monitoring and is usually called the "management with the lights on."

Project portfolio managment

Project portfolio management is primarily about getting a good overview of the whole or part of the total number of projects in the organization. By getting a comprehensive and updated picture of the organization's projects will make it easier to prioritize and manage operations.

Project portfolio management is described by the world's largest professional association for project managers, PMI as: "While project management and program management have traditionally focused on" doing work right "Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is Concerned with" doing the right work. "

Resource use

Resource planning is one of the key features for the success of a multi-project environment and matrix organization. Through an efficient and good resource planning makes it easier to predict future peaks in the coverage on the parts or the entire organization.

The image shows a classic resource graph with planned hours per project grouped by per project type against the available time.