About us

TOJ is built on experience, common sense and thorough evaluation, and is from Informer Svenska AB, based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

About us

TOJ is a service developed by Informer Svenska AB. Informer was founded in 2002 by Mikael Henström, who previously headed an IT support unit at Ericsson Microwave Systems AB in Mölndal, Sweden. Mikael also served as the project manager for several internal development projects, and as an instructor for the project management models PROPS and MS Project.

“One of the projects I led at Ericsson was for development of a system for easier administration of project follow-up and resource management in large organisations. Applying this experience, I began developing the first version of TOJ, which was launched just after founding Informer in 2002. The Museum of World Culture was one of our first clients and we quickly established a good dialogue with our users.

Our strategy and concept was to develop TOJ with common sense and thorough evaluation, and when Thule in Gnosjö began using TOJ, we received a very good response and gained new opportunities for working together with our clients. We now have a fantastic service that not only saves money for our clients, but also gives them the tools they need to increase the quality of their projects.”

Mikael Henström, founder and CEO, Informer Svenska AB